Group Exercise Classes

Printable April Group Fitness Calendar

BarreThis class is a perfect blend of yoga, pilates, and dance to help improve balance, flexibility, core strength, and overall toning. Exercises are designed to sculpt, strengthen, and stretch your muscles while utilizing the ballet barre and light weights. Don’t worry, previous ballet experience or flexibility is not required, but your skills will most certainly improve! Learn more about Barre

Body Circuit-  Designed to target every muscle group in your body, this circuit class is truly a great workout to strengthen, tone, and increase stamina. 10-15 unique stations, 1:00 intervals with 15 seconds recovery, stations change every class to keep improving your body. Exercises are adjustable for all fitness levels.

Pump– This 60-minute class is a strength training style class that will target every muscle group. With adjustable weights, you can join this class as a beginner or load up the weights to really challenge yourself!

Barre Pump-  Barre Pump is designed to improve balance, flexibility, core strength and stamina in a circuit style class. Exercises in each station are performed in 1:00 intervals with 15 seconds rest. A fun twist to the classic Barre class!

H.I.I.T–  High Intensity Interval Training- short intervals of intense training with quick recoveries. Scientifically proven to improve cardiovascular fitness, speed, strength all while maximizing your calorie burn. You’ll be addicted to the results! Plenty of modifications for all levels!

Spin: Empowering Group Cycling class full of energy. Challenge your endurance and stamina with speed, mixed terrain, and powerful hill climbs.

CORE- 30 Minutes of pure core strengthening/ toning exercises. A total Ab Blast!

Step Aerobics: Powerful, liberating and fun cardio class! Grab your step and work up a sweat!